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We are Karls

We’re 🍓 lovers on different levels. Our actions INSPIRE the people around us. Inspired people bring light into the world and solve problems. 
Inspiring people is our raison d’être. As long as we succeed in this, we’ll always remain successful. We stand out from the herd and we love that. Because being different gives us the freedom to do things differently from the mainstream. “But that’s the way it’s done” doesn't interest us. 
Karls is run according to 22 simple rules. If you take them to heart, you’ll find a place full of recognition in Karls and have a lot of fun!

Our 7 adjectives: Loving, generous, cheeky, creative, familiar, authentic & natural. 
Our 7 adjectives help us every day to stay on the right track. Is my action described by one or more of these Karls adjectives? If it is, may the force be with you! If it isn’t - let it go!

Quality, cleanliness, friendliness always and everywhere at Karls. This is the only way we can be successful, never any other way!

Project 24 - We promise each other that we’ll always solve problems right away and never postpone them. Every problem calls for a binding answer within 24 hours.

We won’t rest until we’ve got to the root of problems, not just the symptoms.

It’s forbidden to forbid at Karls. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of our actions. That goes for fans and Karlsians alike.


We always ask ourselves the most important question of all in absolutely everything we do: Does this make Karls better from the fans’ point of view? If it doesn’t - let it go!

Karlsians and fans know every problem of Karls and the solution to it. Our daily task: Create an atmosphere where both are readily reported.

But we’re happy to write a new chapter each day in the Karls story.

Frugality, diligence & positive thinking make Karls a safe haven – even when the going gets tough.

The world would be better off without 3 typical sentences. We’re happy to do without these at Karls:
“I assumed that...” Everything following this sentence is nonsense. 
“I’ve also wondered...” If you’re wondering, then action is called for. 
“Can I ask a question?” Everyone’s always allowed to ask anything. No permission is needed.

Everyone talks to everyone, across all hierarchical levels. At Karls we make a circle out of a pyramid. 

Always express criticism and praise!

We believe in the power of decentralisation. We always act right when we act in the spirit of Karls. 

Don’t just talk about it, do it!

Remain incurably curious!

We fight passionately for simple solutions. Simplicity is the height of perfection.

No can do, no can do. When confronted with the words: “It can’t be done”, we rise to the challenge and do  everything we can to prove otherwise. Only this way can we push boundaries together.

If we see a queue anywhere at Karls, it calls for immediate and sustained action. Queues are a nightmare for Karls. So let’s banish such darkness.

Karlsians stick together. You can rely 100% on Karls and Karls can rely 100% on you. We stand up for each other.

We always tell each other the truth. Whoever admits mistakes must be celebrated. It’s by making mistakes that we become better.

When it comes to information, we know how important it is to learn at Karls. We don’t wait for someone to tell us something. If we want to know something, we ask. 

We treat every person and our environment with consideration, respect and tolerance.

With these simple rules we achieve our 3 goals together:

We always have the best strawberry quality on the market.

We’re Germany’s most visited recreational facility.

No one in Germany has to drive more than 60 minutes to an original Karls Adventure Village.

Together, let’s make sure Karls always remains a place where people enjoy working and have fun. Life’s too short for anything else. If you think the rules are stupid, then Karls isn’t a good place for you. If you can identify with the rules at Karls, then come to Karls and stay with Karls. A magical dream! And if the rules aren’t always followed yet, please help to change that.